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  • Fall 2014

    President's Message

    Steven Gross, CDT

    Mr. Steven Gross

    We Can Accomplish So Much More Working Together
    The Foundation stands at a time of great opportunity, optimism and infinite possibilities. As CSPD members we share a passion for the extraordinary journey we are taking together, enhancing education and supporting endeavors that lead to improved oral health for the children of California.

    Today, the Foundation is in a unique position. We have the opportunity to take another significant leap forward to expand our impact at an unprecedented rate and in a short period of time. To achieve this goal, we are embarking on another ambitious fundraising campaign. Our goal is to raise $100,000 this year. This, along with the income from our growing fund will provide support for faculty and students in new and innovative ways, in addition to our ongoing support for all of our other continuing CSPD programs.

    This year we are expanding the funding possibilities within our Bridging the Gap campaign to include support for a greater variety of educational activities within each pediatric dental department. Any proposal which enriches the teaching and learning experience for faculty and students will be considered for support. The emphasis will be on creativity and sustainability through multiple funding sources and matching funds or challenge grants.

    Last year the Foundation had more participants than ever before in our history. Take a look at our roster of donors for the previous 2013-14 campaign. If your name isn’t there, don’t you think it should be? Each of us has a stake in doing whatever we can to pay it forward in support of the programs which were so meaningful in helping us develop our professional skills as successful pediatric dentists.

    I invite you to join with us on this journey. Our entire board would welcome the opportunity to help you learn more about the great things that are happening as a result of the ongoing support from colleagues like you.

    You will soon be receiving the Foundation’s annual giving campaign letter. Please join with me and our board and so many of your peers to make this year’s campaign the best ever. Let’s see if we can have 100 percent participation from our membership. Just think about it -- 100 percent participation, an astonishing message that would resonate throughout all of dentistry!

    Thanks in advance for all you do for the children of California. As always, if you have any comments or concerns I may be reached at


    Steve Gross CDT
    President CSPD Foundation

    Vision Statement
    Mission Statement
    The California Society of Pediatric Dentistry Foundation envisions optimum oral health for all California infants, children, adolescents, and those with special health care needs.
    The mission of the California Society of Pediatric Dentistry Foundation is to support and promote education, research, and service that advance the oral health of all California infants, children, adolescents, and those with special health care needs.

    Warren Brandli Leadership Interns' Corporate Charter Sponsors

    NuSmile Crowns

    Dental Learning

    Current CSPD Foundation Donors Current CSPD Foundation Donors

    CSPD Foundation
    Board of Trustees, Officers and Advisory Council Members
    Mr. Steve Gross Steve Gross, C.D.T.

    9129 Lurline Ave.
    Chatsworth, CA 91311
    Dr. Richard Sobel Richard Sobel, D.D.S.
    Past President

    2901 Lone Tree Way
    Antioch, CA 94509
    Dr. David Rothman David Rothman, D.D.S.
    Vice President

    2555 Ocean Avenue, #104
    San Francisco, CA 94132
    Dr.Ann Azama Ann Azama, D.D.S.

    2674 Ocean Ave.
    San Francisco, CA 94132
    Dr. Kenneth Szymanski Kenneth Szymanski, D.D.S.

    1755 Erringer, #20
    Simi Valley, CA 93065
    Ms.Deb Johnson Deborah Johnson
    Executive Director

    1215 K Street, Suite 940
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Dr. Mark Lisagor Mark S. Lisagor, D.D.S.

    451 W. Gonzales Rd., Ste. 300
    Oxnard, CA 93030
    Dr. Rebecca Lee Dr. Rebecca Lee

    11200 Corbin Ave. #108
    Northridge, CA, 91326
    (818) 831-8252
    Dr. David Good David L. Good, D.D.S.
    Advisory Council Member

    USC Dept. of PD
    Rm. 4308
    925 W. 34th St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90089
    Dr. Wayne Grossman Wayne M. Grossman, D.D.S.
    Advisory Council Member

    11230 Gold Express Dr., Ste. 302
    Gold River, CA 95670
    Mr. Richard Leonard Richard Leonard, MBA
    Advisory Council Member

    1055 Wilshire Blvd., 12th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    Dr. Richard Mungo Richard Mungo, D.D.S.
    Advisory Council Member

    7891 Talbert Ave., #103
    Huntington Beach, CA 92648
    Dr. Justin Shuffer Justin A. Shuffer, D.D.S.
    Advisory Council Member

    150 W. Foothill Blvd., Suite E
    San Dimas, CA 91773

    Differences Between the CSPD and CSPD Foundation

    CSPDCSPD Foundation
    A professional organization of pediatric dentists whose mission is to serve by advocating for the optimal oral health of infants, children, and adolescents.
    A nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and promote education, research, and service that advances the oral health of children. The fundraising activities follow the rules for a 501c3.
    Board of Directors: 4 Northern & 4 Southern
    Executive Director: Ray Stewart
    Association Management Company: Smith Moore & Associates
    Board of Trustees
    Executive Secretary: Deborah Johnson
    • Pediatric dentists and dental residents
    • Affiliate – general dentists and physicians
    • Allied Professional - companies
    Open to all CSPD members, corporations, and the general public who want to donate to the Foundation in support of pediatric dentistry.
    • 4 Bulletins a year
    • Website:
    • E-mail blasts of news and notices
    • Year meeting for continuing education
    • Display of equipment and products
    • Report on advocacy for the specialty
    • Quarterly Bulletin with news and current topics of concern
    • Networking opportunities
    • Represents California at the AAPD and CDA
    • The “Bridging the Gap” program funds pediatric dental education
    • Funding of the Warren Brandli Leadership intern(s)
    • Life members recognized at annual cocktail party the Friday of the CSPD/WSPD Annual Meeting
    • Members are recognized in the CSPD Bulletin
    • Helps financially subsidize the attendance of the California pediatric dental residents at the CSPD/WSPD Annual Meeting

    Faculty Spotlight

    5 Questions with Dr. Thawinee "Nini" Chaichanasakul, DDS, PhD
    Lecturer, Section of Pediatric Dentistry, UCLA School of Dentistry

    By Patricia McClory, DDS
    Warren Brandli Intern

    Dr. Nini Chaichanasakul.jpg

    Q: As a new graduate, what drew you to a career in academics?
    A: A dental professional degree involves a close relationship with academics. Exposure to academics started early in my postgraduate training. Teaching became a large part of my PhD and residency education. It seemed that faculty recognized my potential and mentored me in academics before I realized my potential to teach. The mentors I had instilled a hunger to share my knowledge with others and help advance our field. It is important to have mentors that inspire you to apply your training in different ways. That is another reason I wanted to give back to the academic setting and act as a mentor for students.

    Q: How did your residency prepare you for this position?
    A: The UCLA Pediatric Dental Residency Program prepared me immensely to take on a teaching role. Throughout the two years of residency training, dental student education was an emphasized part of the curriculum. In fact, I share many of the same students now as I did as a pediatric resident! I know a lot of programs do not have that opportunity for teaching, and I am grateful to have had those experiences. Reflecting back, I may not have chosen the path on which I am today had it not been for that exposure to teaching and great mentorship.

    Q: How has your PhD helped you as a faculty member?
    A: In a field that strives for evidence-based practice, I feel privileged to be a "middle person" in aligning evidence-based philosophies with clinic practice. My PhD education helped my personal development in the practice of evidence-based dentistry. In pediatric dentistry, most practitioners are clinically trained and base many of their decisions on real-life situations. Having a background in research allows me to be a liaison between evidence-based practices and clinical application. When interpreting the literature, I want my students to feel comfortable and not intimidated!

    Q: What would you say to other new graduates who are thinking about pursuing academics?
    A: I definitely have a newfound appreciation for lecture preparation and the energy that goes into building a curriculum. Teaching is actually very much a constant learning experience. My advice to graduates interested in academics at this level is to consider your students as peers, as many have important contributions to offer. New generations will always challenge you and engage you as an academician.


    Need $20,000 for research? Put CSPDF to work for you

    We support the science of staying healthy. We know there are multiple ways to look at teeth. Pediatric dental post doctoral students or recent graduates who have research ideas are encouraged to apply for Investigator- Initiated Research Grants up to $20,000. More details are available in the next few articles.

    Need Research Dollars?

    CSPDF is seeking PTFM (part time faculty member) age 25 to 75 passionate about pediatric dental topics. If you need $5,000 for a worthy project, we might be a match. Inspired researchers with great ideas should apply to the Chair of CSPDF Award & Grants Committee, David Good (dgoodone(at)

    $500 Travel Money!

    CSPDF offers 2 categories of travel money to either faculty or residents to be able to present their research findings at a national or international meeting. For more info, contact Dr. Good.

    Bridging the Gap Grant to UCSF Update

    The CSPD Foundation Board recently received a letter of thanks from the UCSF Division of Pediatric Dentistry extending their profound gratitude for the $25,000 grant for faculty support. Program Director and Division Chair, Dr. Pamela Den Besten, writes that "these grant funds have helped us to hire Dr. Aparna Aghi as a 50% part time faculty member. Dr. Aghi also serves as the Associate Director of the pediatric dentistry postgraduate clinics. Aparna has been an incredibly positive addition to our faculty. She teaches in our postgraduate clinic, sedation clinic, as well as our pre-doctoral clinics. She has taken a leadership role in the design of our clinical facilities in the new children's hospital at Mission Bay and in directing the renovation of the treatment rooms in our Parnassus clinic. Aparna provides leadership in working with our Chief Resident on issues related to clinic scheduling, treatment records, and our annual retreat." Dr. Den Besten continues, "The timing of the grant from CSPDF came at a time of critical need for additional faculty in our training program...we feel a real partnership with CSPDF in addressing our needs by funding this grant and in promoting excellence in our faculty and training programs. We look forward to a continued partnership in this important endeavor to train our future colleagues in pediatric dentistry."

    Dr. David Perry, CSPDF Board appointed liason to the San Francisco program, helped to tailor the Bridging the Gap request to allow for maximum impact on the program. He hopes that contributors to the Foundation will continue for this and other projects through their generous donations.

    Student Group Activity Report for CA Pediatric Dental Residencies

    UCSF Spring Quarter Report
    The Student Society of Pediatric Dentistry (SSPD) at UCSF is in high gear on their community outreach effort at this time of the year. On a warm August weekend, the group participated in the "HAPPY KIDS DAY," sponsored by the city of Cupertino, in collaboration with the Agape Dental Group and its mobile van clinic. Led by the immediate past president of SSPD, Michael Hong, and current vice-president, DK Lim, the group has screened over 300 children while providing oral health education and oral hygiene instructions under the faculty supervision of Dr. Ye-Ming Wu and Dr. Brent Lin. In addition, extractions and simple restorative and preventive procedures were performed in the mobile van clinic.

    This past weekend, eager members of SSPD and its affiliated group Bay Area SUAT (Student United for America’s Toothfairy) partnered with the Southeast Health Center (SEHC) in Bayview-Hunters Point to provide oral hygiene instruction, oral health screenings and topical fluoride varnish applications at the 7th Annual Southeast Health Facility Clinic Fair. Amidst the many booths, SSPD proudly represented UCSF and provided oral health service to children of a wide age range who visited the health fair. "We had a smaller turnout of children than we normally have at our outreach events," said Jeffrey Proniloff, student organizer and SSPD leader. "Nevertheless, we had a great time and we still made a difference to the kids we helped out."


    Having had successful community service events and other activities, SSPD hopes to continue this momentum by attracting the new first-year dental students to participate in future events and be a part of the student organization serving children. The student leaders of SSPD have participated in several activities in welcoming the Class of 2018. The plan for eliciting early interest of the first-year class has led to the initiation of the Pediatric Dentistry Journal Club to begin in January 2015 with Dr. Brent Lin as the faculty advisor for this new initiative.

    Recently, the UCSF residents and faculty have participated in the Lights Festival and Block Party at Mission Bay to kick off the opening of the brand new UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. A new pediatric dental clinic is located on the fifth floor of the hospital among various pediatric specialty and surgical services. The operating room service for pediatric dentistry will be relocated from the Parnassus campus to the new Children’s Hospital in Mission Bay. Pediatric dental residents have also participated in a variety of global health mission trips. One such trip in the summer was the global oral health research project to Roatan, Honduras by Drs. Wendy Yang, Alexandra Malebranche and Ling Zhan, partnering with the UCSF Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy.

    UCLA Spring Quarter Report
    UCLA GroupWith the start of the academic school year of 2014-2015, the UCLA SCAAPD is eager to continue to build upon the success of past events while introducing new partnership opportunities to promote pediatric educational and service opportunities for our dental students. Some of the highlights of the past year include our participation with Give Kids A Smile Day at The Children’s Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles, faculty and resident panel, and many other service opportunities to promote oral health among the pediatric population. This quarter the SCAAPD is introducing the newly elected cabinet. The recruitment effort will begin with the school-wide Club Tabling Day and the ensuing general student body meeting. Partnerships with special care patient groups and the maternity clinic within the Greater Los Angeles Clinic will provide our students with opportunities to offer oral hygiene instruction to these underserved populations and connect them to the resources for oral health care. An introductory networking lunch will be held for faculty, residents and students. These opportunities offer students’ insights that can only be gained by learning from those that are dedicating their careers to pediatric dentistry.

    Loma Linda Department of Pediatric Dentistry
    Adi Genish, President of LLU CSPD Student Chapter. Mentor: Jung-Wei Chen DDS, MS, PhD.

    Loma Linda DepartmentLoma Linda’s CSPD chapter has been organizing events while welcoming our new residents. We are excited to welcome Amanda Zenthoefer, Adriana Cuellar, Ryan Baker and Xuan Lam to the LLU pediatric dentistry family! In the beginning of the quarter, CSPD organized a Board Review and Alumni/Resident Social. Our alumni came to join our residents for a Q and A in preparing for the ABPD Oral Comprehensive Examinations. Dr. Jung-Wei Chen was hosting the Q and A of OCE, and provided a lot of tips and guidance on how to prepare residents for job seeking and career development. The alumni were able to share their experience with the residents.

    We followed this event by have a CSPD student mixer inviting junior and senior dental students to come have lunch and listen to a lecture about pediatric dentistry as a career and what to expect as a resident. Several of our faculty members were present to provide their perspective and advice. Drs. Jung-Wei Chen, Afsaneh Matin, Wesley Okumura and Gregory Olson were all present to further the interest with their experience and expertise.

    In September, our chapter held a personal statement writing seminar for all the pre-doctoral students applying to pediatric dentistry and those who will be in the coming application cycle. All of our residents were in attendance to give tips and ideas, and share their personal statement writing experiences. Dr. Wesley Okumura was also present to help our pre-doctoral students get insight into what makes a personal statement stand out. We wish all our applicants the best of luck this cycle.

    We have several events planned for our fall quarter and look forward to the 2014-2015 academic year!

    Luther Medical Center Spring Quarter Report
    UCLA GroupOn October 18, the residents at LMC-San Diego had the opportunity to participate in Rady Children’s Hospital’s Hematology Family Day. They provided oral hygiene instruction, toothbrushes and informational material to the Cookie Monster, Elmo and families of children affected by hemophilia, thrombocytopenia and other blood disorders. As residents at the only children’s hospital in the county, they are a safety net for a vastly underserved special needs and medically compromised population. This gives them an amazing opportunity to treat many patients that they otherwise might only learn about in a textbook. Pictured from left to right are Jessica Lee (PGY-2), Christain Lin-Burns (PGY-1), and Staci Robinson (PGY-2, Chief Resident).

    CALL FOR APPLICANTS - Warren Brandli Leadership Internship

    Dr. Santos Cortez
    Leadership Development Chair

    Dr. Santos Cortez

    Download CSPD Warren Brandli Leadership Intern Program Application

    The California Society of Pediatric Dentistry is accepting applications for the Warren Brandli Leadership Intern Program. Current pediatric dental residents and individuals in their first five years of post-residency residing in California are eligible to apply. This opportunity was created for individuals who are in training programs or in the early stages of their career to participate in the CSPD governance and advocacy activities, attend internal organizational and inter-professional meetings, and complete a project designated by the CSPD Board President by the end of the program.

    Through these activities, CSPD hopes to:

    • Familiarize candidates about the specialty, its governance and social and political issues facing pediatric dentistry in the 21st century.
    • Expose new members to the administrative and membership functions of the Society.
    • Inform members of organizational strategies, advocacy and inter-professional relationships not commonly available to pediatric dentists in practice or academics.
    • Prepare members to assume leadership roles in dental specialty governance, particularly within the CSPD and the AAPD governance structures.

    Applicants must be willing to attend all regular meetings of the CSPD Board of Directors as well as the Society's Leadership Orientation Session at the annual meeting and Strategic Planning Session, which is held every third year. Other opportunities may include attendance at the meetings of the Dental Board of California, California legislative hearings, California Dental Association-sponsored advocacy events and community leadership and/or Public Policy Advocate.

    The CSPD will arrange transportation and lodging and will cover all program-related administrative costs and supply needs. Selection will be based on the applicant's 1) completion of an application, 2) submission of a short essay about the candidate's interest and specific personal goals for the program, 3) relevant activities or roles within their professional sphere and 4) two required letters of reference (one of which should be from the program director if the applicant is a current pediatric dental resident).

    Applications are due November 10th and selections will be made and announced prior to the next annual session. The internship period will begin with the final meeting of the Board of Directors held in conjunction with the annual session and will finish 12 months later at the final meeting of the next Board of Directors at which time each intern will give a final report about their project.

    CSPD Foundation Grants and Awards Update

    CSPD Foundation Grants and Awards RFPs

    Money Available to Faculty and Student Investigators

    "The Foundation is ready to put its money to good use," states Treasurer Ken Szymanski, "I'm ready to write more checks." Szymanski is referring to four categories of grants that have been established to further the goals of fostering research and developing faculty at California's pediatric dental programs. "The CSPD Foundation is foremost concerned with strengthening the Pediatric Dental Programs that exist in California," President Richard Sobel reminds us. "These grants and awards are great starting points and can really help each program."

    Two categories of travel awards exist to help either faculty or residents to be able to present their research findings at national or international meetings. Up to $500 is available to help defray travel expenses.

    Research grants are now available for up to $20,000 ($10,000 per year for two years). Pediatric dental post-doctoral students or recent grads are eligible for theses awards on topics that will contribute to the knowledge base in Pediatric Dentistry. This Investigator-Initiated Research Grant will initially be funded in January of 2008. Completed proposals are due October 1st for 2007. Inquiries should be directed to the chair of the CSPD Awards and Grants Committee, David Good (dgoodone(at)

    In an effort to further assist the state's pediatric dental programs, CSPD has developed the Faculty Development Grant for part-time Pediatric Dental Educators. These grants are designed to facilitate the recruitment and retention of clinicians to teach part-time and may be available to each program annually. The Faculty Development grant will provide a maximum of $5,000 to attract and retain clinicians who desire to be teachers, thereby bringing mid to late career clinicians into the educational system. These grants have deadlines for submission. More detailed information and applications can be obtained from Dr. David Good or from the CSPD office. Complete RFP's, application forms, and additional information is available on the CSPD website via links to CSPDF.

    Foundation Archives

    Review past year's articles and announcements by using the following links:







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