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California Legislature 2013-14
First Regular Session
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    July 5, 2013

    AB 18 (Pan) ACA: Pediatric Oral Health Benefits - As amended, the bill requires that at least 75% of the premium cost of pediatric dental plans offered in the California Benefit Exchange goes toward actual patient care and any amount below this level must be refunded to the purchaser of the plan.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Comment: This “dental loss ratio” is below the 80%-85% already required of medical plan offerings and less than dental plans were required to achieve in the Healthy Families program. The provision is strongly opposed by the dental plans. So as to not affect plans currently approved for sale in the Exchange, it would not go into effect until 2015. Other changes to the bill would allow the current policy of the Exchange to require no coordination of dental and medical out of pocket maximums during the first year and to set the maximum age for pediatric dental benefits at 19 years of age to stand. AB 18 also applies other ACA provisions such as timely access to care standards, network adequacy requirements, non-discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, and elimination of annual and lifetime maximums to dental benefits.

    AB 836 (Skinner) Continuing Education Required of Retired Dentists - This bill would mandate that the Dental Board reduce the continuing education licensure requirements for retired dentists providing only uncompensated care to no more than 60% of those hours required for an active license.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Comment: The purpose of this CDA-sponsored bill is to reduce the continuing education requirements for retired dentists providing volunteer care, thereby encouraging such activity for those wishing to do so. All of the reduced hours of continuing education would be required to be in Category I (actual delivery of dental services).

    AB 1174 (Bocanegra) Teledentistry: expanded Duties and Medi-Cal Billing - This bill would expand the duties of a Registered Dental Assistant and Registered Dental Hygienist to prescribe dental radiographs and the Registered Dental Assistant in Expanded Functions and the Registered Dental Hygienist to place interim therapeutic restorations pursuant to the order of a licensed dentist. The bill would authorize asynchronous transmission of information to be reviewed at a later time by a licensed dentist at a distant site as a billable encounter under Medi-Cal regulations.
    CSPD Position: Watch
    Comment: Introduced at the request of The Children’s Partnership, the bill would place into statute the elements of the Virtual Dental Home pilot project (Health Workforce Pilot Project #172) developed by Dr. Paul Glassman and the Pacific Center for Special Care at the Arthur A Dugoni School of Dentistry. The author has indicated he will not advance the bill unless there is wide stakeholder consensus, including that of the professional community. This will now be a “two-year bill” which must pass out of its house of origin by January 31, 2014.

    AB 456 (Padilla) Health Care Coverage - Introduced as a “spot” bill for possible later legislation related to dental workforce study and the establishment of a state dental director.
    CSPD Position: Monitor
    Comment: Senator Padilla has indicated he will not move forward with SB 456 unless consensus is achieved between CDA and The Children’s Partnership on both the state dental director’s office and the workforce study and the funding issues related to both that derailed last year’s SB 694.

    SB 5662 (Galgiani) Mobile or Portable Dental Services - This bill would direct the Dental Board of California to bolster regulations governing mobile and portable dental units regarding provisions for follow-up and emergency care and for maintenance and availability of provider and patient records.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Comment: The intent of this CDA sponsored bill is to address concerns about continuity of care and maintenance and availability of patient records when entities operating mobile or portable dental facilities market services in schools or community settings The bill would grant authority to the Dental Board of California to adopt governing regulations.

    SB 640 (Lara) Medi-Cal: Provider Payments - This bill would prohibit imposition of the 10% reduction in payments to Medi-Cal providers, including dentists, that were enacted through AB 97 and which would also eliminate the state’s ability to ‘claw back’ rate cuts from those Medi-Cal providers who have not yet been charged from June 1, 2011 to the present day.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Comment: The bill was amended 4/15/13 to include managed care plans.

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