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California Legislature 2009-10
Second Regular Session
Final Legislative Scorecard
Bills of Interest to CSPD

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    October 15, 2010

          AB 684  (Ma) Dental Claim Payment: Late Payment Penalties - This bill would set certain timeframes for acknowledgement of receipt a claim by dental insurers, specify information required on a notice to the claimant when a claim is contested or incomplete, and set a 30-day working period for payment of an uncontested claim.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Outcome: Bill Withdrawn
    Comment: As introduced, this bill would have increased the interest penalties for uncontested dental claims not paid within 60 days of receipt. As amended in the Senate 6/3/10, these provisions were removed.

    AB 1524  (Hayashi) Dental Licensure by Hybrid Portfolio Pathway - This bill would replace the clinical dental licensure examination administered by the Dental Board of California with an assessment process during enrollment at an in-state dental school. The Hybrid Portfolio Pathway (HPP) would utilize uniform standards of minimal clinical experiences and require a final assessment of the submitted portfolio at the end of the school program.
    CSPD Position: Watch
    Outcome: Signed into Law
    Comment: Other current paths to dental licensure (with the exception of the California clinical examination) would remain available, including passage of the Western Regional Examination (WREB). The bill was amended 6/29/10 to require adoption of regulations by the Dental Board of California before implementation is permitted. Present proposed regulations do not require treatment of the primary dentition or treatment of the minor dental patient in the portfolio of cases that must be presented and are excluded from the competencies by which the applicant would be evaluated.

    AB 1783  (Hayashi) Denti-Cal: Change of Location Form - This bill would allow a dentist enrolled as a Denti-Cal provider changing practice location within the same county to continue enrollment by the filing of a change of address form with the Department of Health Care Services.
    CSPD Position: Support - Read CSPD's Letter of Support
    Outcome: Signed into Law
    Comment: Existing law requires a dentist to file a new enrollment application for a change of address, a process that can take the better part of a year for approval. This change would allow uninterrupted practice, continuum of care to Dent-Cal patients, and conform to a similar provision already in place for physicians.

    AB 2035  (Coto) Self-Funded Dental Plans: Disclosure of ERISA Information - This bill would require that in the case of an adverse benefit determination claimants of a self-funded dental plan be informed of their right to appeal the determination, the process for filing an appeal, and that the plan is subject to compliance with the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and not subject to state law governing health care coverage for dental plans.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Outcome: Died in Committee
    Comment: This bill is identical to AB 745 (Coto), introduced in the last legislative session, which was vetoed by the Governor as "unnecessary". It enjoyed broad support in both houses of the legislature. Like AB 745, AB 2035 is sponsored by CDA.

    AB 2275  (Hayashi) Dental Plans: Non-Covered Services - This bill would prohibit a dental plan or insurer from requiring a dentist to accept a fee set by the plan for a procedure unless the procedure is covered under the plan contract.
    CSPD Position: None
    Outcome: Signed into Law
    Comment: California becomes the 16th state to pass such legislation. The bill would also prohibit a dentist from charging more than his or her customary fee for a service not covered under the plan.

    AB 2699  (Bass) Healing Arts: Licensure Exemption - Creates a state licensure exemption for out-of state licensed health care practitioners, including dentists, who provide free services on a short term, voluntary basis at events sponsored by not-for-profit community-based organizations. Requires the sponsoring organization to register the event with the applicable healing arts boards and bureaus of the Department of Consumer Affairs.
    CSPD Position: Neutral
    Outcome: Signed into Law
    Comment: Because of the safeguards built into the legislation, the process of obtaining the licensure exemption will be both time-consuming and costly, which will likely result in small utilization.
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