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    Second Regular Session
    Bills of Interest to CSPD

    September 30, 2008

          AB 1545  (Eng) Dental Board of California - The bill would establish a new Dental Board of California January 1 2009, vested with the same powers as the previous board. It would provide that the previous board members and executive officer serve in an interim capacity on the new Board until the appointment of new members and a new executive officer.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Outcome: Signed into Law

          AB 2210  (Price) Dentistry: Emergency Services - This bill would amend the Dental Practice Act to allow a licensed dentist during a declared state of emergency to provide emergency medical care consistent with his or her dental education and emergency training.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Outcome: Signed into Law

    AB 2229  (Huffman) Medi-Cal: Adult Dental Examinations for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities - Existing law provides for only a single initial dental examination and no periodic dental examinations for adult Medi-Cal beneficiaries. This bill would reinstate an annual dental examination as a program benefit for adults residing in skilled nursing care facilities, so long as funds are appropriated in the annual budget.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Outcome: Died in Assembly

    AB 2637  (Eng) Assisting Regulation and Licensure - This bill would repeal the proposed dental assisting categories of registered restorative assistant, registered orthodontic assistant, and registered oral surgery assistant and, instead, revise the duties and educational and other requirements of an unlicensed dental assistant and registered dental assistant. It would establish an orthodontic assistant permit and dental sedation assistant permit with specified additional duties for dental assistants, registered dental assistants, or registered dental assistants in extended functions after completion of specified additional education and training. It maintains the work experience pathway to registered dental assisting.
    CSPD Position: Support - View CSPD's Letter of Support (PDF Document, 93 KB)
    Outcome: Signed Into Law

    AB 2734  (Krekorian) Health Care Practitioners: Advertising - This bill would require health care providers, including dentists, to include their license number and contact information for the Board or Bureau which has jurisdiction of their license, on business cards and most advertising and promotional materials.
    CSPD Position: Oppose (unless amended)
    Outcome: Died in Assembly.

    AB 2877  (Lieber) Correctional Facilities: Women's Medical and Dental Services - Provides that court-ordered improvements in dental care delivery in California correctional facilities be implemented concurrently for male and female offenders. Provides that female offenders who are otherwise eligible for placement with their children in community correctional centers, but whose placement is delayed because of unresolved dental treatment needs, receive priority for dental care over other female offenders. Authorizes medical, dental and mental health care in these community correctional centers.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Outcome: Died in Senate.

    AB 2890  (Duvall) School Finance: Categorical Block Grant Funding - This bill would consolidate numerous K-12 educational categorical funding programs into several clustered categorical block grants. Passage of the bill would eliminate the requirement for a school entrance oral health assessment from the education code.
    CSPD Position: Oppose - View CSPD's Letter of Opposition (PDF Document, 67 KB)
    Outcome: Died in Assembly

    SB 797  (Ridley-Thomas) Dental Board of California - This bill would authorize the Department of Consumer Affairs through January 1, 2009 to create an advisory committee composed of the members of the current Dental Board of California to the Dental Bureau of California and would authorize the Governor to appoint an executive officer to the Bureau with the same administrative duties as the current executive officer of the Dental Board.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Outcome: Signed into Law

    SB 853  (Perata) Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting - Abolishes the Committee on Dental Auxiliaries (COMDA) and creates the Dental Hygiene Committee of California within the Dental Board, responsible for the regulation of dental hygienists, and transfers the regulation of Registered Dental Assistants to the Dental Board.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Outcome: Signed into Law

    SB 1178  (Aanestad) Dental Licensure: Registered Sex Offenders - Existing law requires the Dental Board of California to deny a dental license to an individual who is required to register as a sex offender under California, military or another state's law. This legislation would additionally require the DBC to deny licensure to individuals required to register as sex offenders under federal law and closes certain loopholes that presently allow reinstatement of licenses for sex offenders.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Outcome: Signed into Law

    SB 1387  (Padilla) Dental Service Plans: Overpayment Disputes - Existing law provides for the licensure and regulation of health care services plans by the Department of Managed Health Care and the regulation of health insurance companies by the Department of Insurance. Both require internal mechanisms by managed care plans and private insurers to attempt to resolve payment disputes and each has an appeal process allowing review of the internal dispute resolution decision. This bill would standardize the appeal process of both agencies and would prohibit attempt to collect a contested overpayment from a provider until the entire dispute resolution process (private and governmental) has been exhausted.
    CSPD Position: Support - View CSPD's Letter of Support (PDF Document, 91 KB)
    Outcome: Signed into Law

    SB 1633  (Kuehl) Dental Service Credit Arrangements - This bill would prohibit charging costs not yet incurred to an open-ended credit account arranged for or established in the dental office without the patient's written consent and would prohibit the arrangement or establishment of credit to a patient under the influence of general anesthesia, conscious sedation, or nitrous oxide.
    CSPD Position: Support
    Outcome: Vetoed by the Governor

    SB 1634  (Steinberg) Congenital Orofacial Anomalies: Orthodontic Services - This bill would require health care service plan contacts and policies to cover orthodontic services deemed medically necessary in the treatment of cleft palate and related craniofacial anomalies.
    CSPD Position: Support - View CSPD's Letter of Support (PDF Document, 88 KB)
    Outcome: Vetoed by the Governor
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